Target Fees

All Prices Include Sales Tax


Trap----------------------$4.75 (25 targets)
         Junior*----- $3.50
5-Stand-------------------$6.00 (25 targets)
        Junior*----- $5.00
Sporting Clays------------$15.00 (50 targets)
        Junior*----- $12.00
Archery 3-D---------------$5.00 (25 targest)
        Junior*----- $3.75


Trap-----------------------$6.25    (25 targets)
5-Stand-------------------$7.50    (25 targets)
Sporting Clays------------$17.00   (50 targets)
Archery -------------------$8.00     (25 targets)

*Junior prices are for anyone under 15 years of age, if they are a non-member, they receive adult member price.

Membership Information

$65 per person
$98 per family 

( To join the Granite Falls Sportsmens Club please come in on any public day listed on the calendar)

Membership Renewal

Attn: Club Secretary
PO Box 293,
Granite Falls, WA 98252