Hunters Education
Basic hunter education training is required in Washington State for all first-time hunters born after January 1, 1972.  There are no exceptions under the law.

There is no minimum age required to enroll in hunter education, but GFSC requires a parent or guardian to attend l classes if students are under 12  years of age. Student under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian attend the 1st class. All students under 18 must bring a signed Parent Agreement form to the first class( Download from WDFW site).

Individuals who have a previous Washington hunting license or a valid Washington hunter education training certificate need only show these documents to a license vendor in order to purchase a new, hunting license.

Non-resident hunters born after January 1, 1972 are also required to prove successful completion of hunter education training before purchasing a hunting license.  Please plan non-resident hunting license purchases in advance!  Failure to present the necessary documentation to the hunting license vendor will lead to disappointment!
Hunter Education Classes are held at the Granite Falls Sportsmen's Club clubhouse, we provide them as a service to our community so they are free of charge.
You may complete the course at your own pace. The course can be completed in one sitting or completed a little at a time over several days. Log in and out at any time, and we’ll keep track of your progress.
Note: for 2014 sign up will be done via the state web site.  Select the date you wish to sign up for and it will direct you to the site.
Each class is 3 hrs, from 6pm-9pm.
Course Content.
Hunter education classes focus on three broad topical areas:

(1) Firearms and outdoor safety;
(2) Wildlife management;
(3) Hunter responsibility.

The average class includes 7 sessions spanning 20+ hours. Successful students must pass a written test, demonstrate safe firearms handling skills and a positive attitude.  All hunter education classes are taught by instructors certified by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

*For registration, call 360-691-5161 (leave a message) or visit the clubhouse. You can also e-mail your Name, Phone and class desired to*
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